Brand Identity and Consultation

Persuasive branding through progressive designs

Appac Media is a leading branding company based in Coimbatore and has gained extensive experience in Branding through time tested research and program implementation. We are a brand strategy agency who integrate ourselves into your business strategies and work exceptionally well in helping you realizing these set strategies. We create content, campaigns, designs, bearing in mind your business needs. Rather than merely branding, we strongly believe that we are an established digital marketing strategy agency.

Brand strategy & Management

Branding is a form of storytelling. We develop a script, screenplay and narrate it in a way that each time someone views it, it tells a new story. Appac Media identifies the needs of your brand to succeed and plans specific, long-term objectives to ensure that you have a successful brand on hand. Appac Media develops plans to enhance brand value by strategically targeting consumers to measure and understand brand performance. This will also enable us to create more strategies to increase brand value over a period.

Brand Identity & Activation

Your brand identity is what customers associate with and Appac Media is equipped to create and design a logo with a theme, to form a visual identity that gives you a sustained digital presence. We design brands that are interactive and portray you in the right light to the end consumer.

Logo Design

A logo outline is what creates the first impression for a brand, and as the saying goes the first impression is the best impression. A well-designed logo helps you comprehend what a brand is trying to convey to you. Appac Media can create custom logos for you which help your brand scale newer heights. A logo gives your brand an inventive visual identity. While Appac Media is well equipped in creating new brands and logos, we are equally proficient in catering to your rebranding and revamping needs as well.

Package Design

Package design gives a personality and an extension of your brand. Appac Media designs packages that meet the client’s marketing objectives through clear communication about the product and thereby generating increased sales. The primary objective of packaging design is to ensure that the product stands out in the marketplace with its unique identity.


Short messages with great impact. Get your flyers designed and spread your brand awareness most effectively with quirky design and awesome content that is designed for attention.


Build attractive brochures that describe your company and product through our eye-catchy designs that grab the attention of the readers and encourage them to read through the brochure and get in touch with you.

Brand Book

Let us create the Bible for your branding by creating an elaborate Brand Book with all the information you will ever need for branding. Right from the logo, the font type, colour and other design elements used for your brand is listed with clarity to build a base for your brand’s identity.

Why Choose Appac?

Our creative designs help meet your objectives

Increase your sales enquiries

Improve your identity and brand value

Provide great user experience

We provide responsive sites that are functional across all the devices

We don’t just deliver a website. We make you seen in a sea of competitors.