Brand Identity and Consultation

Persuasive branding through progressive designs

The world is a noisy place filled with millions of brands shouting to get your customer’s attention. Why should consumers choose your brand over others? Being different is not enough. Your brand must demonstrate its difference and make it easy for customers to understand it.

Brand Consultation

You must always remember that your image is being built in every communication you make. Your employees have become the custodians of your brand and consumers have the power to decide the fate of your company. With more brands hitting the market every day, consumers have more options to choose from today than ever before.

Appac helps you grow as a brand through several brand consultation services that include but not contained to the following

  • While starting a new company or when launching a new product/service
  • Matching your brand experience with your brand promise 
  • Creating clarity about your brand for your customers, employees or other stakeholders 
  • Determining a position for your brand
  • Exploring your strengths to capitalize on prevailing market opportunities
  • Developing a uniform tone of voice across communication channels
  • Figuring out how to reach out to your target market 
  • Developing your social media presence
  • Finding the most efficient communication tool or media channel for your brand

Brand Identity

Appac provides branding services that are made to please your audience and engage them with your product or service. The creative graphic designs from Appac aimed at delivering the information or message through compelling graphics that grab the attention of the viewer. Our graphic team is creative and poignant in their deliverables to enhance your marketing activities making it easier.

Logo Design

We get as creative as we can get to build the face of your brand. We design logos that truly visualize your brand qualities in a simple yet compelling design.

Package design

We believe the outside should be as good as the inside. Ge innovative packaging designs are done with Appac with our creative team that conceptualizes and executes the packaging for your awesome product.

Brand Book

Let us create the Bible for your branding by creating an elaborate Brand Book with all the information you will ever need for branding. Right from the logo, the font type, colour and other design elements used for your brand is listed with clarity to build a base for your brand’s identity.


Build attractive brochures that describe your company and product through our eye-catchy designs that grab the attention of the readers and encourage them to read through the brochure and get in touch with you.


Short messages with great impact. Get your flyers designed and spread your brand awareness most effectively with quirky design and awesome content that is designed for attention.

Why Choose Appac?


We walk, talk, live and breathe creativity


We understand the impact of a dot, dash and colour in a design


We help establish your branding


We get across the brand message through our persuasive design


Legible, readable design with clarity of message.


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