Influencer Marketing

Reach your audience through various online influencers

Influencer Marketing

The world undergoes constant change and so does consumer behavior. This has a direct impact on the way we project a brand, how we advertise, and, the tools we use for the same. In this age where social media has taken over almost every aspect of our life, Influence Marketing is the key to keep pace with that change. Research shows that 80% of consumers made purchase decisions based on influencers. From creating concepts to effective implementation, Appac Media is adept at developing Influencer Marketing strategies for your brand and one of the best influencer marketing agencies in Coimbatore.

Making Your Brand Loved

Finding the right match between a brand and an influencer is no child’s play. It is not just about associating a face to your brand, It is about adding value, creating a sense of brand loyalty, making consumers fall in love with your brand, in short, it is about telling your story. To accomplish this, we find the right influencer, who can amplify your story the right amount and help establish your brand further.

Purpose of Engaging Influencers

The primary objective of any marketing campaign is to understand What goals do you wish to accomplish? What are the objectives? What are your target markets? Understanding these questions would give us a clear vision to develop customized campaigns to help you achieve your business goals through influencer marketing

Target Audience

Now that you know the “What”, it is time to find out the “Who”. Who are your target audience, what age bracket, gender, and more importantly what geographical area? This can be further broken down by their interests and what social media platform they use the most. The more answers we have, the easier for us the define the right fitting Influencer for your campaigns.

Legal Framework of Influencers

Once we have identified the relevant Influencer for your campaign it is imperative to involve a legal agreement that elicits the rights and obligations of the Influencer and thereby ensure that he or she has a clear understanding of the deliverables they are committing to.

Content Development

To make your campaigns efficient, we devise strategies to best utilize the Influencer’s network reach while also best engaging end-users. We will develop content and concepts bearing this in mind and ensure seamless interaction between Influencers and their followers.

Tracking Results

We use the latest tools to measure the effectiveness of the Influencer campaigns. These reports with tangible metrics will keep you updated on how successful is the influencer strategy.

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