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Search Engine Marketing

5 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

August 29, 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic through unpaid, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines. It dictates the visibility of a website to users on a search engine. Below we are going to look at five Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking (SEO)

  1. Content is King

Yes, content is king! It is what attracts visitors to your page, not your products. Good content is all about quality and quantity. Well-Written content ensures Quality and one that has the right measure of keywords, information and interesting to read assures traffic. Qualitative content imparts new knowledge. Quality content can make the difference between your absence and presence in search engines. Quality content is to search engine traffic like hard work is to success. Quantity governs the frequency at which you update content on your website. You cannot rest on your laurels, but rather keep posting new content to keep visitors engaged with newer information. A visitor will have the patience to re-visit your website no more than thrice to read the same old content. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your web content up to date.

  1. Placement of Keywords

When developing content, incorporate keywords in every page of your website. Get into a visitor’s shoe and think like him. What’s the reader’s search criteria? What terms will the reader use? It is important to identify target specific keywords to get better search engine visibility. Egs:

Keywords must be target specific and have clarity to succeed and it is for that very reason that multiple keyword phrases are not as effective. With multiple keyword phrases ranking in a single page becomes difficult. For ranking using multiple keyword phrases you must build an additional dedicated webpage for each keyword phrase that you would be targeting. While title and URL maybe your identity on the web, content is what does the work of attracting traffic. Choose specific keywords and ensure that it is repeated throughout each page, 6-8 times throughout the page. Bolden and italicise the keywords to get better visibility and registry in the reader’s mind. Always bear in mind that what you write is to impress the reader, not search engine.

  1. Update content regularly with emphasis on keywords

Like mentioned earlier, content is king. The reader looks for good content, and search engines are no different. Periodic updates of content create the impression in the minds of the reader that you are serious, know what you are talking about and relevant.

  1. Page Titles

Search engines use descriptive title tags to display a page in search results. Google algorithm displays only between 50-60 characters in their title tags and hence it imperative that the content you post is compelling and has the relevant keywords appearing at least twice at the front. Keep the description short but engaging.

  1. Develop Natural Links

Focus on relevant links that describe the destination instead of just stating “click here”. For google algorithm this holds no value unless the link is self-explanatory. For egs: instead of “click here” write “Travel destinations in South India”. For a travel company this title is short, self-explanatory and has the keywords needed which will improve your website’s search parameters and rankings as well. Descriptive links with linked keywords are a recipe for search engine success. While it adds value to your website with its relevance it also makes it easier to read for those who use screen readers.

  1. Use alternative text descriptions

Alternative text descriptions or Alt tags another simpler means to improve your search engine ranking. Imprinting every video and photograph on your website with keyword linked description. This allows search engines to locate your website using specific keywords. This increases the chances of your website appearing in search results and thereby improving page rankings These are just a handful, but effective methods of improving your search engine ranking. There are many other options, but we recommend you start with these five.