Frequently Asked Questions on Branding and Digital Media

We understand that you will have several queries and apprehensions while choosing a digital marketing partner for your company. We have curated the most frequently asked questions to help you evaluate your choice better.

Appac is an entrepreneur just like you! We believe that when you go grow, we grow! We are strategic marketing consultants who evaluate your company, its strengths, areas of improvement, judicial use of sources and more to carve out the perfect digital marketing strategy and execution that is tailor-made for you. The undivided attention and customisation we deliver for our client make Appac your vital choice for growth.

Our marketing expertise and technical assets make the right blend to make an extraordinary team to deliver a kickass website to storm through the search results. We help integrate the marketing nuances and technology to provide you with a functional and futuristic website that aids to develop your business.

This is the age of mobiles. The handheld technology has transformed the way we live and hence your brand also needs to upgrade and equip for the fast-changing trend. Responsive websites make it mobile- friendly, making it easily accessible on phone, it increases the amount of time your customers stay on your site.

SSL (Security Sockets Layer) certificates are important for every brand website mainly because it increases site security, provides safety for your subdomains, provides credibility and trust for your customers and finally provides SEO advantage for your site as Google ranks SSL certified sites slightly higher than non-SSL ones.

Branding is creating an identity for a company through thoughtfully processed name, logo, taglines and other promotional materials. It is of utmost importance for a company because an effective branding will make your brand noticed amongst the competition and helps you gain an edge over them.

Digital marketing is a holistic package of advertising your brand online to all your potential customers. This broad aspect of marketing that covers a lot of channels including

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Analytics and conversion rate optimisation
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation

Our expertise lies in evaluating your needs and splurging exactly on those resources to use your funds effectively.

SEO is an integral part to get your website to rank among the topmost search results. With an active SEO marketing, it is easier to take your brand to the potential customers which promise a much higher degree of conversion.

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a form of buying web traffic. PPC is offered both for website traffic and is also now available on social media channels like Facebook. Here the advertisers are entitled to pay for every click by the user.

Push marketing is when you "push" or advertise your product/services in front of an audience without them searching for it. Social Media Marketing is a great channel for push marketing which helps your potential customers get intrigued about your brand and the products. It is an ideal way of marketing for new launches too.

Affiliate marketing is the booming trend of the present for a company to sell and promote its products through an individual who is a market influencer. He/She is paid for every sale made with a commission.

Content Marketing a strategy prepared by a company with an in-depth study of the market, its target audience and the market trend. The content strategy helps in creating effective marketing communication