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7-Step Guide To Earn More Instagram Views For Your Brand

February 29, 2020

Why Instagram?

Instagram has become a rage in the recent past with over 500 million active followers and over 250 million posts every day. The numbers are steadily increasing making it the most happening social media platform. Businesses have grabbed this opportunity to connect and engage with customers. Maintaining an Instagram handle to build brand loyalty and brand awareness has become one of the most important part marketing strategies for any business. There are solid research findings to support this claim. It is clearly shown that brands in Instagram enjoy regular engagement and interaction with 4% of their following. This is a huge thing as even Facebook, which is considered to the most prominent social media platform has only 0.1% engagement on its brand page. The other facts that support Instagram as a high ROI social media platform are that 62% of Instagram users follow brands and about 70% have reported having looked up brands on Instagram to follow. So it is an only wise choice to make your presence on Instagram and plan your strategies wisely and execute it well. Sometimes it’s not just about strategy and execution but also about various other factors that are directly proportional to increase your followers and make your brand popular on Instagram.

#1 Hashtags

When on Instagram, use hashtags! Hashtags are like the most prominent feature of Instagram. It is like a power battery for your post to make it visible to your audience. Instagram presently allows 30 hashtags per post. Be sure to use the best and happening ones in your niche to make your post popular among users. There are a lot of free online tools like Websta and Hashtagify that allows you to search for most prominent and most used hashtags in your industry. Use this study to use relevant ones for your post, and you can see an increase in visibility which will result in new followers for your account.

#2 Use Filters

This is something new and exciting! Yahoo Labs did a study analyze the correlation of filters used in posts and its performance in Instagram. They came up with substantiating data that was new. The filters of Instagram just do not make your photos look pretty, but they also affect the engagement levels. Higher exposure, contrast and warm temperatures resulted in positive results while saturated photos are receiving lesser views. Start using favorable filters and notice the increase in engagement and number of followers.

#3 Posting frequency

Instagram has an algorithm based timeline, and hence it is important for you to stay consistent to make your content visible to your followers. The number of posts you make in a week is important for the algorithm to prioritize your post in the audience’s feed. Studies show that the ideal number of posts per day for a brand would be 1-2. Consistent posting tends to gain more visibility which in turn helps in increasing more followers.

#4 Emojis in action

There is a study that showed a correlation of use of emojis and engagement levels. Even popular brands have started using emojis in their posts, and it has positive results regarding likes, shares and engagement levels. The increased engagement encourages visibility, and it helps the brand to be showcased to new users.

#5 Engage in cross promotion

Most of the brands began their social media journey by primarily relying on Facebook and Twitter. So you already have a considerable number of followers on those platforms. Make sure you let them know of your presence on Instagram by periodic updates by giving the username of your Instagram handle for them to follow. This is an easy way to earn more views and increase your number of followers on Instagram.

#6 Host contests

Hosting contests is one of the sure shot ways to surge the number of your followers. Plan a contest where you ask participants to follow a set of rules like following the handle, tagging their friends and reposting your post on their timeline. By doing this, the visibility range of the brand is widened, and a lot of new users get to know about you. Thus the visibility of your post is increased, and the engagement levels get boosted

#7 Make use of user-generated content

User-generated content means picking best of the user content from across the platform and featuring it on your handle by giving due credits. Even top brands post a fair share of user-generated content. Buffer grew their followers by 60% by just sharing user-generated content under dedicated hashtags. This is one of the best ways to increase views and followers for free on Instagram. These simple tactics are the key to a popular Instagram page that is engaging and attractive. Be sure to follow these tried and tested tricks to increase the number of your followers and take your brand to next level.