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We believe creativity is only possible when
employees feel safe and supported.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process using which we generate traffic to your website through search engines and gain higher rankings. Appac Media achieves this through SEO based content, layout, and a responsive website design that enables search engines to rank you amongst the top in search results. Our SEO services rank amongst the best in Coimbatore.

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Search Engine Marketing

Competing with your competitor is a tough game, isn't it ? But there are many ways out - one most important is the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or the Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent platform for businesses to build relationships with your customers and also meet new potential customers on the go. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In are simply a part of daily life for millions—in fact, billions—of us.

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Online Reputation Management

Any brand that doesn't have a positive emotion on the internet will find it difficult to survive. Because a negative emotion of your brand would result in diminished trust and poor customer retention.

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Content Marketing

Content is not just the text that you see on the website or other promotional channels. As the actual saying goes “Content is king” is one of the major web marketing clichés of our time, getting the right content delivered to the right reader at the right time plays a major role for any business.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about streamlining all your marketing efforts and building the one to one relationships with your prospects. Most importantly, it's the heart of the lead nurturing process.

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Web Design &

We believe creativity is only possible when
employees feel safe and supported.


Website Design (UI & UX)

We provide meaningful and practical information that represents the voice of users and reflects on your business goals. Our UX UI team is constantly striving to achieve a logical, intuitive, and appealing design for all users.

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Web Dev

Website Development

Appac Media is one of Coimbatore's best website design and design companies. The highly innovative websites are built by our team of qualified designers and developers whilst also offering complete web solutions.

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Web Application

Web Application

Web application solutions are all about the design, implementation, and evolution of web-based software. You just need to leverage the agile expertise to create reliable, scalable and compatible web applications that perform faster.

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Web Host

Web Hosting

Think of it this way - Website Hosting is like the electricity supply in your home. You never give it a thought unless it stops working. The same way, if you don't get response from the digital team on time, even the most basic website updates become daunting and time consuming.

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Web Main

Website Maintenance

Why do we do this? It's simple - Because your goals, services, products, and brand may change over time. Therefore, it’s important that your website continues to reflect and support the evolution of your organization.

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Domain Booking

Appac allows you to register or transfer domains, change contact information, and receive timely notifications so you don't miss the re-registration deadline. If you acquire a website hosting service at the same time, you'll get a free domain name registration or transfer.

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We believe creativity is only possible when
employees feel safe and supported.


Logo Design

Besides just being a pretty picture, your logo mean a lot for your business. Logo is the visual representation of the story of your business. At Appac Media, your Corporate branding agency in Coimbatore, creates memorable logos and product icons that will make you stand out from the crowd - Of course, the need of the hour!

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Space & Visual Design

Organizations employ space and visual design as one of the most essential advertising tools in the world of web marketing to get their names out there. A well designed space in your brochure, website, or flyers will undoubtedly project a great image of your company. Clients can assess your company's capabilities and form an opinion about it with just a single glance.

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Collateral Design

We, at Appac Media, keep a track of every branding collaterals that your business would require at any instant. With strict adherence to the deadlines, we maintain an annual marketing calendar exclusively for you to manage hassle-free operations!

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Packaging Design

For packaging design breakthroughs, we examine customer behaviour and perceptions, build on consumer insights, and do thorough research on newer types of product packaging. Each product category, color-coding, and portrayal of important features and USP all work together to provide your company a competitive advantage of being a top packaging design service provider to our clients.

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Product Photography & Video

Take advantage of our Product Photography and Video Services and leverage your business growth.. E-commerce, B2B or B2C clients have traditionally relied on product photography. We at Appac give merchants the option of having product photography done in their location, if that is their preference.

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