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Web Applications

Web application solutions are all about the design, implementation, and evolution of web-based software. You just need to leverage the agile expertise to create reliable, scalable and compatible web applications that perform faster.

With a strong expertise in front-end technologies, we help you in addressing your business needs with custom web application development with cutting-edge technologies. With a deep love and passion towards mobile-centric web applications with cross-platform applications. We deliver stunning and visually compelling business solutions that create wonders for your business.

Programming languages we use for Web Application Development

  • Html LanguageHTML
  • Javascript LanguageJavaScript
  • Front Backend Technologies LanguageFront and Backend technologies
  • Database LanguageDatabases
  • Cloud Services LanguageCloud Services

Our Team

At Appac, the team is composed of architects, designer experts and Project Managers who can catalyse your business by unlocking new opportunities on the digital phase with custom web applications.

With a track record of more than 5 years in the sector, we help you achieve greater heights within a short period of time. As a part of custom web application development, our expert team helps you completely redesign the old web interface to adhere to changing user needs and technological advancements.

Appac Media is a company that you can trust for the development of user-friendly web applications, web portals, and more.

What’s included in the Web App Development

All latest architecture patterns are included - the microservices, headless and the PWA.

Developers are expert in web development tools and techniques. Moreover, our Project team is rich in the crucial KPI’s like

  • Code Churn
  • Mean Time to Recover etc
  • Lead time

To ensure that your business and your user expectations match the web app, we strive hard to enhance the web application with new functionalities that make things easier. Urgent fixes are done with a maximum of 2 days and planned release app updates every 4 weeks.

Types of web applications we develop

  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Web Portals
  • Supply chain web apps
Online Reputation Management

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