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Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business

November 12, 2020

What is Video Marketing? Does it even matter to your business? Video Marketing is a digital marketing tool used to attract the targeted audiences to reach with the help of the internet and makes sure the video creates an impact on the brand of your company by attracting your audiences. In simpler terms, your significant investment of time and effort to create a high-quality video for your content marketing strategy helps your brand to reach a larger audience with the help of the most popular social media networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.Video and marketing are like bread and butter. Are you wondering if video marketing is worth investing your time and acts as a key benefit for your marketing strategies as it can be a shareable medium to reach their audiences and also it is considered as the most effective marketing tool? Mobile Phones play a crucial role in this Video marketing concept, nearly 92% of consumers use mobile devices for watching a video and they can easily use social shares the videos you create once they are influenced. Videos with duration up to 2 minutes long get the highest engagement criteria. This blog helps you to understand the impacts of Video Marketing on social media and the benefit of doing video marketing for any business is worth as it helps the marketer to attract targeted audiences. So, how do consumers respond to video marketing? The best practices for digital marketers are to create and share engaging and educational videos as it can be shared across multiple platforms to make your brand reach the targeted audiences.Data with the context tell a compelling story. Nearly 62% of the businesses started using video content marketing statistics to highlight precisely why so many companies are using the same. The benefit of doing Video Content Marketing is to increase the growth of your company by 49% over a period of the year according to research by Aberdeen Group. The other factors are as follows:

  • Video can influence buying decisions as it helps to increase the understanding of products or services at an ease.
  • Videos can be easily incorporated into all social media networks, which give a better understanding and convincing your customers to buy your brand.
  • Google loves videos and nearly 80% of marketers use video to increase their sales and ensure it ranks top in search engines, provided it must be informative and it must rightly reach the decision-maker
  • Videos help you to build trust and boost your conversion rate by influencing the buyer with an educating and informative video content marketing

We can create Video Content Marketing using different types such as,

  • Vlogs
  • Video Testimonials
  • Video Ads
  • Product demos and reviews

With the help of Video content marketing, how can it be used as a digital marketing strategy? The answer is quite simple, Make engaging and interactive content that attracts the people and ensure all your videos are SEO-friendly with SEO standards. Always make your video shorter and communicate your content like storytelling and ensure it is conversational so that it adds an impact and trust on your audience. It is always necessary to know the length of the video that can be incorporated in any social media platforms. Thus Video marketing is the best way to get you close to your audiences and gives them the real time context about your business to grow by reaching the right audience and it acts a best platform for influencing your targetted audience.