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Brand survival during coronavirus: How to’s, do’s and don’ts

March 30, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world with chaos and uncertainty. In such testing times, it becomes a challenging task for a brand to thrive and come out of the other end unscathed. The pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on the world economy, shrinking pockets of the company’s marketing budget. As digital marketers, one thing that we should know and stay by is that no time is the right time to stop your marketing activities.

Here are some ideas to keep your brand alive during the crisis:

It is the right time for a content audit

Has it been a while since you revamped your website? Now is the best time to indulge in a revamping spree on your website, be it design, look and feel or the content. Perform an intensive audit of your current website and analyse all the upgrading possibilities available to make your website match the latest trends. One thing that always holds true is that there is always a scope of improvement at all times when it comes to content marketing. The downtime of all the industries across the globe due to the pandemic serves as the best opportunity for you to strengthen your content marketing needs.

Blogging never goes out of fashion

Blogging is an evergreen and trustworthy marketing tool that allows you to gather loyal and potential customers in the long run. The downtime caused due to coronavirus can be put to use to re-evaluate and prepare exhaustive blogs about your industry niche. With many having a lot of time at their disposal during lockdowns, there is a higher chance for your blogs to grab more eyeballs if you make it interesting and interactive. Blogging is the best tool to elaborate about your products and services through ample materials for the benefit of your customers. During this phase of lockdowns bank on a stash of interesting blog articles that will really engage your customers and reflect on your ROI in the long run.

Now is the best time to try new things

Have you thought about doing vlogs or podcasts for your brand? If you have thought about it for quite some time, now is your best bet to get started with that. With more users online and surfing for content to keep them engaging during their quarantines, your new try will have much more audience now than ever. Go on and shoot the video you have had in mind or create podcasts that will interest your potential clients and impress them with your quirky approach. This helps in more visibility and brand retaining amongst your target audience. Once the corona phase is over, your new chapter is sure to increase your visibility and conversion considerably.

Engage directly with your customers

Going live to engage directly with your customers at such times will develop the genuineness of your brand while acting as a marketing activity to keep your target audience reminded about your brand. Facebook live and Instagram Q&A can serve as the best way to understand preferences for your target audience and help in strategizing later once the corona scare is over.

Refurbish your brand assets

A coffee table book about your company is a classy addition to your brand assets. Use the downtime to add elegance to your brand assets including brochures and other design elements to give your brand a long-pending facelift.

Don’t exploit the crisis

Now is definitely not the time to promote work from home pyjamas, or cool during quarantine campaigns. A brand becomes trustworthy when it is responsible, sensitive and engaging. Try focusing more on banking on your brand personality during this downtime rather than focusing directly on sales.

Build goodwill

Use the time to build goodwill amongst your audience by providing them with verified information about the situation from trusted sources to keep your customers engaged. This helps in creating a positive association for your customers with your brand

Come stronger on the other side

Whatever is happening is only temporary. It is the perfect timing to build your branding strategy and focus on pervading your business across all marketing platforms.