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Everything you need to know about AMP and what it means for your business

April 24, 2020

What is an AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Everyone who has searched for information online would have encountered an Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google in association with Twitter developed the AMP which is an open-source framework.The Accelerated Mobile Pages aimed to create better, faster experiences on the mobile web. To put it in a crux, AMP was used to build lightweight web pages that are favourable for the mobile web in loading faster. Though AMP was built originally for Facebook's instant articles, Google later announced it for adding to the framework for web standards.

How does it work?

AMP is built to have three segments that directly affect and control the web pages. AMP HTML: AMP HTML aims to give you a leaner form of web pages with loading speed of lightning. To maintain the webpages lighter, certain forms of codes like forms are not possible in AMP HTML. It is a streamlined version of CSS with no vast differences when compared.AMP Js: Javascript is restricted to keep up the speed of the web pages. The only exception allowed is the AMP scripts which aim at page load acceleration and other easy to implement components. AMP allows you to animate, dynamically work on the page, modify the layout and more by still maintaining a commendable loading speed. AMP CDN:It is commonly known as AMP Cache, which is a critical component of the AMP platform. Its proxy-based content delivery network CDN fetches AMP content and caches it for faster delivery. The AMP CDN by default caches all valid AMP content and does not allow an option to opt-out. Your content delivery configurations may be customized by leveraging on your CDN provider.The pros of using AMP for your website In the few years after AMP was launched, it is widely agreed that static media sites work well and ranks well with AMP. All the SEO enthusiasts agree that AMP can boost the performance of the site on mobile. The following are pointers that will convince you the AMP is the future!

  • AMP significantly increases organic search traffic and increases volume.
  • The faster mobile experience results in increased engagement and conversions.
  • AMP CDN caches respond to most search results and hence reduce the load on servers
  • Your content has higher chances to be featured in the most accessed AMP carousel on mobile search results.
  • Tracking data from AMP analytics, ads and double clicks are continuously being worked on to provide better user data.

AMP is the future Though most users were sceptical about implementing AMP and reworking on the codes, Google SEO push has made it popular amongst all. The evident fact is that the AMP users who were less a million two years ago now stands at 31 million AMP users today Catching up with the trend is surely not-a-miss attempt to be successful amongst your competitors. Having more queries about AMP? Write to us at