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Social Media Marketing

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

September 1, 2020

To devise any marketing campaign what you need first and foremost is a plan, an idea and strategy to bring that idea to life. Same applies to both online and offline marketing campaigns. Without a proper strategy you will only be wasting valuable resources and have an online presence just for the sake of being there. Therefore, it is imperative that you first understand your objectives, and then you identify your target audience, and finally understand what they really want. Until and unless you have a clear idea of the same, it will be very hard to succeed and achieve the desired results using social media. Whether you wish to launch a new product or market existing products using social media, it cannot be accomplished till you have a proper strategy in place. Social media marketing strategy and a social media marketing plan, though different have lots in common. In simpler words, strategy is your destination and plans are your journey, the journey that will get you to your destination. To create a proper strategy, you need to have answers for the following:

  1. Why? – Reason to be on social media
  2. Who? – Your target audience
  3. What? – Your plan, content you wish to share
  4. Where? – What platforms you are going to use to share content share?
  5. When? – The timeline you have chosen to share

Having clear answers to the above questions is half your battle won. To win the rest of your battle, devise a strategy that can be used across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to give your media strategy maximum mileage. Today almost 49% of the world population has access to social media in one form or the other. Simply put, social media has penetrated half the world’s population. If you understand how to work these social media platforms to your benefit, you have a winner on your hands.Here are 10 Best Ways to develop Social Media Strategies for your Business.To effectively implement your social media marketing campaigns, you need to have in place the following plans:

  • Identify your goals
  • Identify your Target Audience
  • Identify the social media platform best suited for you
  • Develop a fool proof social media marketing strategy
  • Create a social media content calendar
  • Identify and use the right tools to empower your Strategy
  • Create content through storytelling
  • Create a human connect for your brand
  • Use Emojis
  • Embrace and learn from your past mistakes

Successful Social Media Marketing campaigns pose a multitude of challenges to every business, one mistake and it call come down like a ton of bricks. It is also common to get to excited and fizzle out midway without seeing through the whole campaign. The aforesaid 10 ways can ensure that your goals are converted into a proper social media marketing strategy and bears fruit. If implemented effectively and monitored periodically these 10 ways can increase your ROI by 10 times. Also, it can increase organic traffic to your website and thereby pave for generation of new business.