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Branding Mean More

Say less, mean more

January 5, 2020

Despite being everywhere, the power of copy writing is more in branding and promotions than anywhere else. Copy writing is an essential fragment of your brand identification, brand communication and brand viability. In short, the quality of your brand is determined by the quality of your copy. To make it more evident, the following are the three areas of branding where copy writing is the most important factor for successful execution.

Framing the brand promise

Every brand has its qualities and what it promises to its customers in the form of their service or product. It is the core message of a brand to its customers. Purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives are the very essence of your brand. They’re the foundation upon which everything else is built. Each of these tenets plays a critical role in defining who your brand is, why it exists, and how it engages with the world. The strength of your brand promise by extension, the framework of your brand—is contingent on copy writing. The more clearly articulated your core messaging, the easier it is to understand. The more compelling your core messaging, the more likely it is to inspire.

Voice of your brand

Its voice is the way your brand communicates with its audience. Driven by brand personality, your brand voice carries the all-important message you hope to deliver to your customers. Defined by style and tone, it both is created by and exists within copy writing. Good copy writing creates a brand voice that is differentiated, relatable, and persuasive. It humanizes your brand, transforming it from a product or service into an emotional, idiosyncratic entity that your customers can identify with. Whether through social media, television advertising, or marketing collateral, it’s not the brands with the loudest voice that get the most customers. It’s the brands whose voices are unique, intriguing, and compelling. And it is the copy writing that makes the difference.


In the modern era of branding and marketing, content does in fact rule. Audiences can no longer be bothered with empty promotional messaging. Usefulness is the yardstick by which your brand’s communications will be measured. Copy writing determines both criteria of content’s usefulness. Humorous or emotionally stirring copy decides whether the content is engaging and entertaining. The articulateness of a proposed solution establishes its effectiveness in remedying an ancillary problem. An idea may be singular, knock-your-socks-off amazing, but only copy writing determines whether or not it is useful.

Putting it together for the show

In concise, since you now know that content is king, it is also equally important to pack your message in a pretty package of witty words and alluring message. With your customer being continuously bombarded with promotional messages make sure yours is hard-hitting, crisp and a delight to read.