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Why does your brand need Analytics and Insights?

July 8, 2020

Developing branding strategies after being well informed about your user-data ensures a successful campaign for your brand. To enhance your ad reach there are three main parameters including tracking campaigns, tracking web traffic, and tracking customer data.

Appac develops customized tracking and insights dashboard as per your business needs. This will help you in scaling your ad reaches the maximum helping in better ROI.

Performance dashboards help in reporting the analytics and insights interpreted. Our dashboards reveal the details on the campaigns that gained higher ROI and enable you to plan well and strategize according to what works best for you. The dashboards help in segregating the well-performing ads for us to decipher the qualities that made it successful and re-implement it on future campaigns.

Website and App dashboards help in building data on your website traffic and app usage reports. This clearly graphs the area that needs to be improved on for better performance. The dashboard provides information on each page and points out the well-performing and underperforming sections/pages on your website that needs to be optimized.

Getting in-depth information on your customers like their demographic location, their online behavior, their preferences, and their buying patterns can tell you a lot about the way your ad campaign should be framed. The customer insights feature specializes in helping you to understand your customer engagement and also to interpret why certain ad campaigns by your brand did not resonate too well with your audience.

An informed approach towards your ad campaigns and branding helps in decluttering campaigns that do not perform up to expectations and instead focus on ones that matter. With these crucial data and analytics at your disposal, it is inevitable that you create ad campaigns that hit the ball out of the park.

For personalized analytics and insights dashboards for your brand, get in touch with our experts at Appac Media, for a detailed consultation.