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Craftsman Storage Solutions

Reducing the Customer Journey Time with a results-driven marketing approach and digital strategies.

The Business Impact


Our association


Increase in organic
growth traffic


Increase in social
media traffic


Increase in average
sales closures

Redesigning In New Style

Our work collaboration kick-started to revamp their website with a better look and feel. And to take care of their digital fronts as well as their complete online reputation management. This was the prime job assigned to us. We researched and rationalize the current website structure to create a couple of new Web tree menu structures. The finalized web tree will visualize the architecture of the website and will clearly outline the navigational structure. Gave Mobile-First design approach since the majority of the website visitors are using via mobile devices (60%), so we strongly feel that the Mobile-First designs would be the best fit.

Building The Best

Built a quality website with strong technical know-how(User Friendly, Search Engine Friendly) as per the standard. Our social media strategies organically increased the follower base from 0 - 2000 Linkedin followers in a short span of time. Our Email campaign was very successful in conversions and staying connected with the target group.

The Solution

We were able to achieve the search engine ranking within 45 days of most of the top-ranking keywords. Stabilized organic performance and concurrently build successful inorganic campaigns. Social themes based on keyword research for the targeted region. Fifty-five percent impact in the very first year itself.