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G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital

GKNM Hospital's Journey from Outdated to Outstanding: It All Began Here!

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About GKNM Hospital

GKNM Hospital, located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, has been a leader in healthcare since 1952. With over 600 beds and a range of specialties like cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, and more, it's known for its advanced medical care. The hospital combines technology with compassionate treatment to give each patient personalized care.

The Problem

GKNM Hospital faced significant challenges in establishing a robust digital footprint. With an outdated website, minimal online visibility, and ineffective tracking mechanisms, they struggled to reach their target audience and gauge their online performance accurately. Moreover, the lack of a strong digital presence limited their ability to showcase their advanced healthcare services and maintain competitiveness in the rapidly evolving online landscape. Without effective tracking mechanisms, the hospital faced difficulty attributing marketing efforts to tangible outcomes.

Simply Put,

  • Outdated Website: The website lacked user-friendliness and failed to reflect modern healthcare standards.

  • Low Digital Presence: With minimal online visibility, GKNM struggled to connect with potential patients. The website's traffic was as low as 1500 visitors per month.

  • Ineffective Tracking: The absence of proper call tracking mechanisms hindered GKNM's ability to assess the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.

The Solution

We collaborated closely with GKNM Hospital, delving deep into their challenges to uncover the most promising opportunities. Beginning with the fundamental step of revamping their website, we strategized every aspect of their healthcare requirements, prioritizing solutions that would elevate their presence and effectiveness. We've been supporting them for more than three years!

Here's a list of the solutions we implemented:

The Result

  • Expanded Brand Visibility: GKNM Hospital achieved unparalleled visibility beyond
    geographical boundaries, attracting a broader audience base. The website's
    traffic grew from 1500 to 40000 visitors per month.

  • Enhanced Online Presence: With a revamped website and improved digital
    marketing efforts, GKNM established a formidable online presence, becoming a
    go-to resource for healthcare information and services. More than 50 keywords
    are now ranked on the first page.

  • Recognition for Secondary Departments: We elevated the visibility of their
    secondary departments, previously overshadowed, thereby enhancing the
    hospital’s overall reputation and service offerings.