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Starcare Hospital

Building a Hospital Portal resulted in 400% traffic growth by increased Brand Visibility.

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About the Starcare Hospital

Starcare Hospital is the leading multi-specialty hospital which originated in the UK, but later moved to Dubai and Kerala. The hospital is run by a group of non-resident Indians with roots in Calicut. The cutting edge technologies and the aesthetic ambience of the infrastructure has created a soothing environment and world-class space of medical practice with compassion. The Group has been recognised for quality of international services in the field of healthcare.

The Problem

In today’s world, the way people seek medical help or visiting hospitals or consulting doctors have all become digital. Everything that you take or see is some or the other way digital! Now, it becomes necessary for every hospital to embrace digitization - have an online presence, reach out to people who might need the most and a lot more. Star Healthcare, being the most reputed name in the sector, had to strive for the online presence - need to get discovered when people search for the hospitals; reach potential patients on time and offer help and a lot more.

To make it simple

Here is how:

  • The Star Healthcare Group had no user-friendly website

  • Reaching out to potential target group was a major problem

  • All the branding efforts did not give the expected results

  • Minimal traffic to the website

The Solution

Appac Media worked closely with the Star Healthcare team in order to resolve the challenges into evergreen opportunities. First step taken was for the Wordpress Website Design - A website that would cater to the needs of the organization. With a reliable website, they had leads and appointments flowing in which were gated to a CRM.

Working with the team, we had performed a detailed troubleshooting of the existing Star healthcare website to address the serious SEO issues. The testing was inclusive of seo checks, xml sitemap errors, duplicate header errors, content audits and a lot more.

To put it simple,

  • Developed a simple and easy to access Wordpress Website

  • Search Engine Optimization and branding services for easy rankings via backlinks

  • Executed Patient Feedback System for recording feedbacks

  • User-friendly appointment dashboard and online payment gateway

  • Several Content Marketing Services and Email Marketing services are in the Pipeline

The Result

  • Expanded Brand Visibility: GKNM Hospital achieved unparalleled visibility beyond
    geographical boundaries, attracting a broader audience base. The website's
    traffic grew from 1500 to 40000 visitors per month.

  • Enhanced Online Presence: With a revamped website and improved digital
    marketing efforts, GKNM established a formidable online presence, becoming a
    go-to resource for healthcare information and services. More than 50 keywords
    are now ranked on the first page.

  • Recognition for Secondary Departments: We elevated the visibility of their
    secondary departments, previously overshadowed, thereby enhancing the
    hospital’s overall reputation and service offerings.