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Trinity Eye Hospital

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About Trinity Eye Hospital

Trinity Eye Hospital is a leading eye care centre based in Kerala, with several branches across the country, dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to patients in the region. With a commitment to excellence, Trinity Eye Hospital offers a wide range of specialised treatments and procedures to address various eye conditions and vision impairments. The latest technology and expertise equip their team of highly skilled ophthalmologists and support staff to deliver personalised care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

The Problem

Despite being a well-known provider of eye care services, Trinity still had a long way to go and was uncertain about where to start. Discovering their target audience posed a significant challenge. They were receiving very few calls, and there was no proper tracking process; most of the calls went unanswered, and there was no system to track and follow up. The social media presence was very minimal, with no engaging content, audience, or fanbase, making it difficult to exist.

  • Lack of a user-friendly website : Trinity lacked a full-fledged website with which they could operate. The existing website was not performing, and the traffic was very minimal.

  • No social media engagement: The absence of social media engagement significantly hindered their ability to effectively engage with their audience.

  • No call tracking: Though they were receiving calls, there was no platform or CRM to track calls and follow up.

The Solution

We collaborated with the Trinity team to revamp their website into a lead-generating platform and redefine their social media presence with engaging visuals and content. Additionally, we integrated CRM with the website, simplifying lead tracking and follow-up processes.

Here's a list of the solutions we implemented:

The Result

  • Huge increase in their website traffic (from 3000 to 35000!)

  • A dramatic increase in inpatient and outpatient foot falls

  • Highly engaging social media presence

  • Surge in GMB calls