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Vikram ENT Hospital

From None to Many: Vikram ENT Hospital's Success Story

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About Vikram ENT Hospital

Vikram ENT Hospital, located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is a renowned hospital specializing in Ear, Nose, and throat (ENT) care. With a team of highly skilled ENT specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, Vikram ENT Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, including diagnostic evaluations, medical and surgical treatments, and rehabilitation services for patients of all ages. The hospital is committed to delivering personalized care and innovative treatments to address ENT conditions, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. It has been delivering excellence for 55 years and still counting.

The Problem

Vikram ENT Hospital faced several challenges that impeded its growth and effectiveness. Initially, the hospital relied solely on its own earnings, lacking diversified revenue streams. Additionally, it suffered from a complete absence of a digital presence and branding efforts, rendering it virtually invisible in the competitive healthcare landscape. This lack of visibility extended to ineffective communication with its target audience, resulting in missed opportunities to engage potential patients.

  • Limited patient outreach: The hospital struggled to effectively reach and engage potential patients, resulting in underutilization of its services and facilities.

  • Lack of competitive edge: Without a strong digital presence or branding efforts, Vikram ENT Hospital faced challenges in standing out among competitors in the healthcare industry.

  • Ineffective communication with the target audience: The hospital struggled to tailor its messaging and outreach efforts specifically to its target audience, resulting in a lack of resonance and engagement among potential patients seeking ENT care.

The Solution

We collaborated closely with Vikram ENT Hospital, emphasizing the importance of a fully-fledged website for the digital well-being of the brand. With a significant focus on the website and target audience, we introduced several methods to raise awareness and devised effective communication strategies tailored specifically to the target audience. We guided them throughout the process, ensuring that each initiative aligned with their goals and contributed to their overall digital transformation journey.

Here's a list of the solutions we implemented:

The Result

  • Expanded Brand Visibility: Vikram ENT Hospital extended its reach beyond local confines, drawing in a larger audience. Website traffic skyrocketed from minimal to significant monthly visits.

  • Huge increase in outpatient Outpatient Enrollments : With a revamped website and improved digital marketing efforts, the hospital started experiencing a phenomenal increase in outpatient records, increasing from just 8 to 60 plus per day.